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Wake up from a comfortable bed to keep you in top shape for a great day. A bed large enough to allow you to stretch completely and comfortably enough to sleep peacefully. There is also a storage space to put down all the items you need, so you don't have to get up again when you are in bed. In addition, it can be used for several years, of course, its style will also let you always put it down. If you are used to reading a book or TV in bed, the soft headboard is perfect for leaning.
The material we use is a durable, renewable material that will retain its original character over time. However, it is worth noting that when cleaning, you can scrub with a cloth dampened with a mild detergent or dry with a clean cloth. Good sleep for you to start your day. The beds we offer are sturdy, comfortable, and of a variety of styles, allowing you to wake up from your sleep every day with a smile. Most double beds are ingeniously designed, such as with built-in storage or designed to fit the storage compartment under the bed. You can browse the IKEA website to find other items you need, such as mattresses or pillows, to create a comfortable and complete dream bed.
From traditional to modern, you can find beds of different looks in JL&C Furniture. To make the most of the space, you can choose a bed with built-in storage or a bed with a box at the bottom. We also have a choice of different colors and materials, and some beds have extra space for use when you need to sleep more than one person.
1. The bed side panels contain a bed height adjustment setting that allows you to use mattresses of different thicknesses.
2. The bed frame is sturdy and solid, with rounded edges and high legs.
3. Classic style, can be used for many years.
4. There is a spacious storage box under the bed for bed linen and clothing.
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