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Our make-up mirrors reflect the tiniest details, so whether you're making up, flossing your teeth or shaving your beard, you can see it. The full-length mirror can produce a large mirror image, while the makeup mirror is mainly used for detail inspection. It can be used to check the specific makeup details when going to work in the morning or when preparing to go out at night. Our mirrors feature a double-sided alternating mirror design with a magnifying glass on one side, making it easier to check small details.
Choose a wall mirror that hangs on the wall or a portable mirror that can be used in different rooms. Our mirror with a pedestal for mascara, lipstick or other cosmetics, so that everything is at your fingertips. The mirrors have a movable bracket so they can be placed at any height and point in any direction. All our mirrors are waterproof and suitable for high humidity environments. Now, you can be sure that you can always go out in the best possible way.
There is no doubt that it is not only decorative. Bathroom wall mirrors have practical features, and each wall mirror in the series is suitable for high humidity environments. Whether you want to get close to the mirror to create the perfect look, or to focus on trimming your unique beard, our wide range of mirrors will meet all your needs. In addition, many of our mirrors have shelves that provide the required storage space for everyday items such as toothbrush holders and tooth cups in the bathroom.
Take a look at our eye-catching bathroom wall mirror series, available in a variety of different designs. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally with the supplied accessories. As one of the professional mirror manufacturers and suppliers in China. JL&C Furniture offers the customized mirror with competitive price. Welcome to buy the highest quality from our factory.
Cleaning Method:
1. You can use vinegar to clean the dirt on the mirror.
2. Wipe the glass with a damp cloth and rub it with a newspaper.