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The nightstand is a set of trays and drawers on the two sides of the bed in the furniture. The lower side cabinet, the storage door, the towel rack, the hook and the wheel are components, and the small semi-closed movable storage cabinet is used for living and storing living articles. There are medical nightstands and households, plastic steel, stainless steel, metal spray and other materials. It has the characteristics of anti-impact, anti-aging, anti-mouse, moisture-proof, exquisite, mobile and easy to use, which helps to place items.
The nightstand is a small character in the bedroom furniture. It is placed on the left and right, and its name is also due to the function of the supplementary bed. The nightstand has always existed because of its function, storing some daily necessities and placing bedside lamps. Most of the items stored in the nightstand are used to suit the needs and materials used, such as medicines. Most of the items placed on the nightstand are some photos, small paintings, flower arrangements, etc., which add a warm atmosphere to the bedroom, and the nightstand is functional. The things outside are ignored.
With the change of the bed and the design of the personalized wall lamp, the style of the nightstand is also enriched, and the decorative effect is more important than the practicality. The nightstands we have provided have bid farewell to the era of not paying attention to design. The bedside cabinets with more and more design sense are gradually emerging. Their appearance makes the nightstands no longer in pairs, and they are guarded on both sides of the bed step by step, even if only Choose a nightstand and don't worry about creating a monotony.
As one of the professional nightstand manufacturers and suppliers in China. JL&C Furniture offers the customized nightstand with competitive price. Welcome to buy the highest quality from our factory.
1. The shape is simple, whether it is placed in the bedroom or in other places, it can be harmoniously matched.
2. The drawer slides freely and smoothly, with a pull-out brake.
3. Solid wood veneers will make this chest of drawers more elegant over time.
4. Note: The nightstand must be secured to the wall with safety fittings in the product packaging to prevent it from tipping over.
Care Instructions:
1. Wipe thoroughly with a cloth dampened with a mild detergent.
2. Dry with a clean cloth.