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- Mar 24, 2017 -

Mahogany furniture, solid wood furniture, mahogany furniture in the furniture industry alone is a furniture style, different from other solid wood furniture, so a special note here. Mahogany furniture began in the Ming dynasty. Its simple appearance form symmetrical, natural wood colour and texture and pleasant. Mahogany furniture manufacturing, China mainly used in engraving, Tenon, inlay, curves and other traditional crafts, the German scholar g · Ecke in Chinese rosewood furniture research, summarize the process of mahogany furniture in three basic principles are: non-absolute necessity without dowels; can be avoided without adhesive as possible; without Xuan anywhere. No bolts or nails and adhesives. Mahogany furniture styling and distinct national character in the process part is the most attractive for many collectors, many people have mahogany furniture for humanity furniture, art and furniture. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Bureau of technical supervision, the so-called mahogany furniture is mainly used in a rosewood, rosewood, ebony, burls, rosewood, wings made of wood furniture, wood furniture in addition cannot be called mahogany furniture. Rosewood is mahogany in need. The wood is hard, purple black color, heavy, feel heavy. 

Ring into a silk-like texture fine, not planning the crab claw marks. Good wood and UV-old purple new good wood and Rosewood. Old rosewood is a purple-black, water does not fade, new rosewood is reddish-brown, dark red or dark purple, soaking will fade. Rosewood, commonly known as the old mahogany. Wood heavy, durable, and will sink in water, fine structure is lemon red, deep purple, purple black stripe, exudes a kind of sour when processing spices, hence the name. Black ebony color, fine dignified structure, greasy feeling. Wu Muduo small pieces such as chopsticks, ink cartridges, rare furniture. Burls are timber trees have been forming galls, according to tree species divided into Birch muying, Phoebe galls, flowers, PEAR muying, rosewood galls. Burls scattered texture curves, beautiful and chic, is the best decorative material. On furniture are used as material bread, set the table, such as civil "red Tai Zi ying wood" argument. Rosewood also known as incense wood, and Rosewood form similar to the wood is hard, the color is red, yellow or purple, rain line shape of texture, color and soft, lightweight, floats in water, the shape of wooden ribs. These valuable timber in China have long been used to prevent fake and shoddy products, States for Redwood, specification for the furniture, mahogany furniture, popular not only in the market so that ordinary families, also attracted the attention of investors.

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