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What is the best way to put a fitted sheet on a queen or king size bed?

- Jan 16, 2018 -

What is the best way to put a fitted sheet on a queen or king size bed?

There are countless bed options available on the market, such as twin bed, double bed, king size bed, queen size bed and others. There are also other types of beds from leading manufacturers,  adjustable beds, and platform beds. Most couples prefer having king and queen size bed for a cozy and comfortable sleep.

Make sure you purchase a quality fitted sheet in the first place. When choosing, make sure the sheet has a good quality weave and finish. If you purchase poor quality, the sheets can suffer from up to 12% shrinkage and this can make applying the fitted sheet very difficult as it knocks it off size.


Better quality suffers less shrinkage and therefore the sheet will fit (assuming you have purchased the correct size) better and easier time and time again.

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