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What's the best way to transport a king-sized bed?

- Jan 16, 2018 -

The best way to transport a queen or king sized bed

Moving a mattress from one house to another is one of the most common item to be moved for residential moves. A foldable mattress may be easy to transport, but the challenge lies in moving an expensive, spring coiled mattress from your old house to your new house. How do you make sure that your crib can be transported safely to its destination?

There are two ways you can transport your queen or king size bed to another location: The do-it-yourself (DIY) way or by engaging a moving company to do that for you.

Here, we take a look at the pros and cons of the two methods you can shift your mattress.

a) The DIY way

What you need:

· At least 2 friends or family members to help

· A roll of cling wrap

· A roll of tape

· A lorry with driver (For queen and king sized bed)

· A van with driver (For single and super single sized bed)

· A Trolley

· At least 3 hours of time

· A cab for human transportation :P

· Strength!


1) The first step is subjective. You can either ask politely your friends and family members for 3 hours of their time and labour, or you can beg/extort/blackmail them for their time. Our biggest tip is usually buying them a meal after the whole nightmare has ended!

2) Next, purchase a roll of cling wrap from the nearest handyman store.

3) Start by wrapping your mattress with the cling wrap. You will need one of your manpower to hold the mattress while the other two can go in circles to wrap the bed. This is an amazing workout if you haven’t exercised in a while. Make sure every corner is tightly sealed up to prevent dirt or even rain getting to your mattress. The last thing you would want is to have you $3000 mattress soaked in water!! For staters, make sure you have at least 3 layers of cling wrapped around your mattress before you transport them out of the house.

4) Carry the mattress with two manpower. Ensure trolley is ready at the door for easy transportation of the bed. If there is no stairs involved, congrats! Making it to the lorry or van will be a breeze. TIP: Most lifts in Singapore will be able to fit in a king size mattress. Mattress are soft and will be able to bend slightly to fit in the lift.

5) Have your lorry and driver ready at the loading bay so you can shift your mummified mattress into the vehicle. Try to get a boxed up and completely covered lorry so your mattress will be in safe hands. Avoid getting an open top lorry. Ensure you have ropes or belts tied to your mattress so it does not shift or drop down on its way there.

6) Take a cab down to your destination.

7) Unload the mattress with care and carry it back to your destination.

Engaging a moving company to do it for you has several benefits:

If you are the adventurous type, have some time to spare and don’t mind going through a good cling wrapping workout, the DIY method is worth a shot.

On the other hand, time efficient people tend to engage a mover to do it for them so that they can spend the time wisely other chores. It will definitely be a cheaper and more convenient way to do so.

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