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Bedroom Furniture Placed Seven Taboo

- Aug 07, 2017 -

  Bedroom furniture placed seven taboo

  Metaphysical esoteric people puzzled, the saying goes: "I would rather believe it, can not believe its no." In our daily life, home bedroom is our longest stay, but also a warm haven, but also A total of paradise, this place of joy, more can not make a bedroom furniture placed feng shui taboo. Residential Xiaobian to give you a detailed introduction, respectively, from the home layout, furnishings, decorative display, as well as housing structure, etc., you can pay attention to the users Oh.

  Taboo 1: Bed too close to the glass window

  Immense, can not be down to earth, affecting the development of the cause. Modern metropolis is often built in front of the building, the building has a floor, floor side of the building, bedside too close to the window, making the bedroom can not keep its privacy; In addition, as the city becomes increasingly complicated, annoying noise Through the fan is not too thick and affect your sleep.

  Taboo 2: bedroom furniture hanged is not smooth

  Not flat that is not harmonious, long life is easy to quagmire.

  Taboo 3: bed and underground messy

  Messy will affect the owner's luck, in life, many people do not understand the clean and tidy can bring good luck. In fact, the feng shui is not as complex as we want, it is around you. Not as some people deliberately put it mysterious, holding to the sky, nor as some people do not understand feng shui, but that is superstition, to stepped on the ground. Feng shui on your side, everywhere, easy to understand. Everyone knows that messy people can not do the same thing, so pack up your environment, give yourself a good mood. Good luck naturally come.

  Taboo 4: bedside mirror, provoke ghosts

  Master often headaches, insomnia. Romance to talk about principles and feng shui, can not be affected by the romantic and healthy. Many young people make the decoration of the house unconventional. Do not know the things of the orderly, contrary to the excitement.

  Taboo 5; flowers suitable for the living room is not suitable for the bedroom

  The bedroom is like a large leaf, a broadleaved plant. Enhance the feelings between husband and wife, enhance the wealth of the owner. Do something to be handy. Easy to get favored boss. Lobular flowers will make the owner into a trivial situation. Doing things old and repeated.

  Taboo 6: bed put flowers, easy to make peach

  Husband and wife will have an affair, over time, will be parted ways, the family broken.

  Taboo 7: bedroom with the whole window, avoid using two or more fans

  Was originally a window wall thing, but divided into several pieces, want to have trouble. Feng shui no wonder also avoid this. Do things more disagreement, can not be at one go. Buy a house to see more.

  Editor Summary: Of course, in addition to these feng shui knowledge, in the bedroom furniture placed in the feng shui, its furniture for the placement of the bedroom style and pattern according to the specific into and placed, how to let the bedroom space to see Up more comfortable and warm, how will the bedroom furniture feng shui to achieve the most ideal state, these are the bedroom space layout of the key, hope that the above Xiaobian to share information for everyone to have some help.

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