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Chipboard Furniture Maintenance

- Mar 24, 2017 -

In General, most are plastic plywood plywood furniture. It is a solid wood core plywood, but because the Union made work more precise, it is widely used. However, it is different from normal plywood. Due to Taiwan's more advanced furniture brands or imported furniture in wood and Chipboard for furniture materials, Chipboard furniture care is especially careful work.

I. the Chipboard when assembled easy, so you'll have to check when buying retail Assembly should pay attention to local, so once loose will have its own way to do simple Assembly.

II. skirting board of Chipboard furniture if it is a sealed design, then you can put some dry before assembling agents and insecticide in it, keep it dry and clean.

III. for plastic beer can be used to clear the dirt on the plate, then stained with clear water to wipe it again with a rag, Chang Baoguang as bright as new.

IV. Panel if you have small scratches, you can use color and complementary color crayons to make scratches that are similar, and then put a colorless wax can be.

V. Chipboard with sealed edges to prevent moisture penetration and protect the life of the furniture. If there are off, you can get to the iron pad of soft cloth in a heated back and forth on it, to restore the status quo ante.

VI. Chipboard furniture drawers are the Rails, usually as long as the candle in a layer of wax on the pulley in order to maintain smooth sliding.

VII. to the usual cleaning, home use detergent to wipe the can, only to note is that do not use volatile oils smudge.

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