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Furniture Maintenance

- Mar 24, 2017 -

Wood furniture: keep away from heat and air

Most brand sofa when working with wood, moisture will be conducted. Professionals, many mechanical parts using solid wood furniture, and other parts with high density plate, also in order to prevent the seasonal expansion and contraction. If the summer humidity relative rise, wood only slightly swollen, and these changes will not affect the durability of high quality furniture.

However, no matter how strong the durability and service life of furniture is to have, in order to extend the period of use, learn to care for them. Experts suggest that to keep furniture away from heat or air, solid wood drawers, doors may be due to excessive expansion and difficulty opening and closing, you can smear on a slide at the bottom drawer, door edge and wax or paraffin.

Sofa: prevent dust remaining in the fiber

In summer, due to sun exposure, huge variations in temperature, smoke and pet damage and other factors can make dry and comfortable Fabric sofas are increasingly tight, faded, it is best to regularly using a vacuum cleaner or a brush to remove dirt from a sofa, to prevent dust or stains left in fibers for a long time.

Leather sofas: wipe clean with a cloth, leather

Summer leather sofa maintenance should be noticed, if proper maintenance for a long time, will cause it to fade, old, dull, lack of ductility and deformation of the sofa leather.

Sofa to accidentally soiled with grease, appropriate concentration with a cloth damped in soapy water mixed with alcohol or ammonia solution (ammonia, 1, alcohol 2, then 2) grease removing, then wipe with clean water and wipe dry with a clean cotton cloth. If you frequently slapping leather sofa seating area and its edges, sofa-life may be prolonged 3-5. Because it makes the leather's flexibility well maintained.

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