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Nightstand Maintenance Skills

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Nightstand maintenance skills

1, usually to regularly for the Nightstand waxing, only the usual maintenance of regular use often new.

2, in the Nightstand tea, overnight will leave a nice piece of stains. At this time, you can sprinkle some water on the table, with a cigarette pack of tin foil to wipe, and then scrub with water, you can wash the tea stains.

3, hot cups and other indirect on the furniture paint, will leave a circle of hot marks. Ordinary need only use kerosene, alcohol, toilet water or dark tea wipe the wipe can be wiped, or with iodine in the hot mark on the quietly wiping or coated with a layer of Vaseline oil; every two days and then wipe the hot mark with a rag To eliminate.

4, rattan Nightstand for a long time there will be fouling, discoloration, available salt water scrub, both decontamination, but also make it soft and flexible. Usually wipe with a wet towel to keep it clean.

5, the home white Nightstand is easy to dirty, with a rag is not easy to wipe dirty marks, may wish to try to squeeze on the clean cloth with a toothpaste, just quietly rub, furniture stains will be removed. Do not have to be too big, do not hurt the paint.

6, when the wood Nightstand cracks, the old newspaper can be broken, to participate in excessive alum, with water or rice soup to boil it and then use a knife to be embedded in the cracks and smooth, dry will be very strong, and then coated The same color of paint, wood can be restored to the original face of the.

7, if the furniture paint abrasions, not touch the wood, can be the same color with the same crayon or paint in the furniture of the wound, cover the exposed background, and then with a translucent nail polish thin layer can be wiped.

8, if the Nightstand large area damp deformation should be changed, the furniture must be four feet pad flat, otherwise the uneven force will be deformed, push-pull closet door do not have to install a mirror, the mirror is too large will make too The door down the pressure change track.

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