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Old Furniture Collection

- Mar 24, 2017 -

Special collectors in China, research on Chinese old furniture starts from the 30 's, has been more than 60 years. But different furniture and porcelain, jade, bronze, antique, it is first of all a necessity like huanghuali, zitan and other rare furniture from the Palace the Palace Living folk, are used in everyday life rather than clear evidence, when not a last resort, the master is not for sale. During use and inevitably damage had to be repaired in a rush to dispose of, which brought some limitations to the furniture collection, furniture collections and research can only belong to minority issues. In concept, many people think old furniture but also belong to the practical arts and crafts, not long ago, cannot be likened to the classic pure art. Until the late 70 's, with the rise of private collection, old furniture reinstate crept into more and more collectors of vision. 80 Middle door open, old furniture first to drain with a bang, huge profit greatly stimulate the old furniture merchant, they buy sell old furniture to the North from the South, cities became counties of Hebei used furniture distribution center, which formed the so-called "85 spree".

50, the Government expressly rosewood, pear, chicken wings, iron PEAR, ebony and other five kinds of rare furniture made of wood may be exported, but some businessmen through the Guangdong ports will be used furniture sales overseas. Customs is the best, owing to a lack of expert control to achieve the desired objective, and cut old furniture is often the new copy.

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