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Sofa Quality Look At The Details

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Buy the sofa first had to pass the quality, it is possible for us to bring a comfortable experience and the feelings of the United States. Chinese sofa unique charm and mood also depends on the quality of the sofa to support. So how do you choose a reliable, reliable sofa in an array of modern Chinese couch brands?

The current market are generally double sofa, double sofa were (double help double sofa, single help double sofa, no double sofa), double modern Chinese sofa for the public living room size are generally 1 m 8-2 m 1 between. Modern Chinese sofa which is good, buy to pay attention to double modern Chinese style sofa, color with (work quality is also very important).

Point one: comfortable degree

Buy modern Chinese sofa must try to sit, sit, to grasp the soft and appropriate, too soft must be vigilant. Too soft Chinese sofa, may not be a quality problem, but the "trap" makes it easy to become "sofa potatoes."

The easiest way to judge the quality of modern Chinese couch is to sit for a while, so that the sofa can hardly feel the presence of the sofa, but you can feel the strong support; good Chinese sofa generally have a zipper on the bottom, Check the spring and fill; good couch sitting in a variety of posture are comfortable, sit cross-legged it will be deep in them; ordinary sit it will be soft and hard moderate; good modern sofa will be heavier; good modern Chinese sofa spring will be noise deal with.

Modern Chinese sofa design sense of strong, good design is also reflected in the modern Chinese sofa structure design is a considerable amount of scientific and technological content.

Point 2: attention to detail

Modern Chinese sofa details, in addition to what you see, such as whether there are flaws ah, the pin is fine, the width of the cushion plus the proportion of your body needs, whether and the overall harmony of the Chinese sofa. In addition, some details are more easily overlooked, in the purchase of the time must pay attention.

Sofa feet Some modern Chinese-style sofa feet are wood, this detail should be carefully checked. Mainly to see if it is not strong, if this part of the unstable, modern sofa to sit up will not be comfortable.

frame. Many modern Chinese-style couches have adopted the frame plus mattress structure, then this part of the exposed frame to be clear, do not have a small flaw and affect the overall effect.

Fabric sofa sofa sets. Be sure to carefully check whether it is easy to disassemble to facilitate future cleaning in use. Some modern sofa known to use high-tech, fabric water, oil is not infiltration, you must personally do the experiment, so as to be "not common" so-called high-tech flicker.

Note the filling of modern Chinese sofas. Good modern Chinese sofa stuffing must be environmentally friendly, at the time of purchase to open the Chinese couch zipper carefully look, if there is no zipper, be sure to let the shopping guide staff issued a corresponding monitoring report, if these are not, you have to pay attention to the sofa Quality problems.

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