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Sofa Three Fillings

- Mar 24, 2017 -

A soft polyurethane foam (commonly known as the sponge): used in sofa-filled sponge is mainly divided into three main categories: conventional Sponge is a conventional polyether and TDI generates sponges. Features good elasticity, soft, breathable, high bounce foam is an active poly phosphate and TDI generates sponges, which has excellent mechanical properties and good elasticity. Large compression load, fire-resistant, breathable; holes of different sizes in the sponge is a natural seaweed like a sponge, which is characterized by good elasticity, compression, rebound, have a good buffer.

B, down fill: down sofa fillings, ride comfort, long-term use of small deformation, the disadvantage is rebounding slowly, the cost is high. Generally used with the sponge in the advanced sofa, or suitable for cushion use.

C, cotton filler artificial: artificial cotton sofa fillings, excellent soft, ride comfort, but poor mechanical properties, compressive loading small, suitable only for cushions.  Sofa fillings choices: according to the different types of filler, there is a big difference. Under normal circumstances, fabric sofa cushion filler should be used over 30 kg/cubic metre high resilient foam is more appropriate, in the form of the way most block of sponge, using more than 30 kg/m is the best form of high resilience foam and sponge combined with feather or synthetic cotton stack combined with increased comfort and long service life. Ask when choosing types of fillers, if filled with sponge sponge used to understand the density, gravity feels cushioned rebound effect, feel a sense of comfort and so on.

Sponge cushion, standard 25KG/M3, standard 35KG/M3. Bottom structure, high-elastic structure of leaf spring structure than a bandage and quality Sling to an inferior bandage structure, after a long time compression to rebound quickly after Hank, no distortion, no collapse.

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