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Wardrobe Design Considerations

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Wardrobe from the cabinet, door (sliding door or swing the door), hardware (tie clips, drawers, baskets, clothes rail, laminates deduction, trousers, mirrors, hinges, etc.). General wardrobe cabinet made of 18mm thick material (particleboard, MDF, solid wood, composite plywood, fingerboard); and the door (the door by the 9mm wood material "UV board, double decorative panels, waves Plate, louver, painted version "or 5mm glass sliding door; Pingkai Men generally use 16mm or 18mm material to do); General Hardware for wardrobe manufacturers, is supporting, not their own production. There are also a few businesses that produce their own wardrobe hardware.

Customize personality

The so-called "custom closet", which means that according to individual requirements tailor-made wardrobe.

Custom wardrobe is different from what we think of the finished furniture is to make up for the overall waste of furniture and no personality as well as the site of the closet to do the pollution of the room and can not move the shortcomings of the body and slowly appeared in an industry is custom Products, so in the process is different from the finished furniture.

Customized brands are: Italy, Repin, House goods Hui, Bang Paolote, IKEA furniture.


Custom wardrobe process is simple, home to measure the design --- store selected models and color of the contract signed - factory production orders - Warehouse inspection - home installation - after-sales service, home measurement is generally Twice, the initial test generally in the decoration company into the construction site a week or so after the purpose is to put forward the wardrobe or cloakroom installation location and how to construction side on the plaster line or corner and other issues and the construction side have a good communication, Avoid later found problems that can not make up, resulting in the decoration of the regrettable, In addition, you can design draft designers out first, so that customers have a simple understanding, this can save the late confirmation of the contract time, but also with family and give full consideration time.


The biggest advantage of custom closet is to make full and reasonable use of effective space, design more humane. It can be designed according to the needs of subscribers, or more drawers, or more partitions, but also can be added to any size basket, these advantages make it more holistic, more arbitrary. The overall wardrobe border thickness from 8 mm to 10 mm range, the increase in slot thickness to ensure that the door can have a wide range of styles, can be inlaid glass, aluminum alloy, with patterns of glass, With a mirror, a variety of styles, free to choose.

Wardrobe design considerations

1, in the home improvement design to take into account the convenience of use. In the following 650mm, the general design for the small items, designed in the scale of 650-1850mm for seasonal clothes, in 1850mm above the design for the less common items and seasonal clothes. If you want to do in the end, the general under the cabinet 2100mm, the rest all go on the cabinet. Under the cabinet done too high, the requirements of the door is very high, a long time the possibility of deformation to increase a lot, too short, then shorter than the door, not very good-looking.

2, drawer top height is preferably less than 1250mm, especially in the elderly room to be considered at 1000mm or so, so use more smoothly, the height of 150-200mm, the width of 400-800mm.

If you use the sliding door is 2 doors, it can not be designed in the 1/2 position, it is 3 doors, it can not be designed in 1/3 and 2/3 of the location, or drawer is not open, 4 and Do not consider the above location.

3, Trousers space should be retained 650mm, if it is to use the hanger linked, it should be retained at least 700mm.

4, laminates and laminates in the 400-600mm, too small and too large are not conducive to placing clothing.

5, wardrobe depth 530-620mm, generally for women, the wardrobe depth of 580mm, plus the door, the entire wardrobe width of 600mm, the width of the clothes put there is not much problem.

6, short clothing, suits minimum 800mm height.

7, long coat can not be less than the height of 1300mm, otherwise it will drag to the bottom of the cabinet.

8, if you do sliding door, slide door position to stay in the 75-80mm slide position.

9, the cabinet baseboard generally higher than the wall baseboard 5mm, in the unknown wall baseboard height, the general design is 100mm.

Some decoration companies in order to achieve the integrity of the wall, often using the ceiling to make a ceiling, ceiling base design is higher than this, so that the entire cabinet height control within 2400mm. Doing so can make the wardrobe reach one wall of the whole door instead of dividing into two sections. However, such a high cabinet door generally does not work by itself, and the door must be made outside, and it must also be made with an alloy outer frame Of the door, in order to ensure that no deformation, of course, the price will be much more expensive.

10, the cabinet if you want to place the dressing mirror, the height should be controlled at 1000-1400mm.

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