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  • Bathroom Furniture

    [Jan 27, 2018]
  • Wardrobe Design Considerations

    [Nov 03, 2017]
    Wardrobe from the cabinet, door (sliding door or swing the door), hardware (tie clips, drawers, baskets, clothes rail, laminates deduction, trousers, mirrors, hinges, etc.). General wardrobe cabinet made of 18mm thick material (particleboard, MDF, solid wood, composite plywood, fingerboard); and the door (the door by the 9mm wood material "UV board, double decorative panels, waves Plate, louver, painted version "or 5mm glass sliding door; Pingkai Men generally use 16mm or 18mm material to do); General Hardware for wardrobe manufacturers, is supporting, not their own production. There are also a few businesses that produce their own wardrobe hardware.
  • Mirror Manufacturing Methods Introduced

    [Nov 03, 2017]
    A mirror is a smooth surface, and has the ability to reflect light items. The most common mirror is a plane mirror, often used by people to organize the equipment. In science, the mirror is also often used in and telescopes, laser, industrial equipment and other equipment. Surface-polished metal devices with regular reflection properties and metallized reflective films of glass or metal. Often set with metal, plastic or wooden frame. Mirror sub-plane mirror and curved mirror two categories. Curved mirrors have concave mirrors and convex mirrors. They are mainly used as mirror, furniture accessories, architectural decoration parts, optical instruments and components as well as solar cookers, reflector lamps for reflector lamps and searchlights, reflector mirrors and automobile rear-view mirrors.
  • Nightstand Function Is Gradually Reflected In The Design

    [Nov 03, 2017]
    Nightstand is a small role in the bedroom furniture, it is willing to set off bed, and even its name is also due to the function of the bed to produce. Generally divided into two types of paint and paint, about a inch 500mm * 450mm, composed of a drawer, a group of cabinets, the installation of a beautiful hardware handle, it is convenient and practical. The general sales price ranged from 150-300.
  • Some Suggestions On Buying Fashion Casual Sofa

    [Oct 31, 2017]
    Buy cloth casual fashion sofa need to pay attention to the following: 1, easy to wash and wash. Many of the cloth on the market leisure fashion sofa, style look good, but also easy to remove
  • Sofa Quality Look At The Details

    [Oct 31, 2017]
    Buy the sofa first had to pass the quality, it is possible for us to bring a comfortable experience and the feelings of the United States
  • Buy Modern Chinese Sofa Six Trick

    [Oct 31, 2017]
    ​Buy the sofa first with their own decoration style to adapt, and only with properly, in order to match each other
  • Double Sofa To Buy Skills

    [Oct 25, 2017]
    Move the new couple of small mouth, pick modular sofa will appear very redundant, choose a single sofa and silly
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