What We Do?

JL&C Furniture Co. Ltd is the premier manufacturer and supplier of quality furniture based on modern design principles.

We are known throughout the industry for our attention to detail, world class service and support and our dedication to our craft. With JL&C Furniture Co. Ltd, your satisfaction is our top priority; you have our word on it.

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Hot Products
  • Marble Elliptical Dining Table
    Marble Elliptical Dining Table

    Compared with other materials, the marble dining table is beautiful and decorative. Our marble...

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  • Delicated Carving Nightstand
    Delicated Carving Nightstand

    Based on its unique furniture style, we draw on the finest European classical furniture art and...

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  • Wooden Armless Dining Chairs
    Wooden Armless Dining Chairs

    Made of warm wood, the wooden armless dining chairs reveal a clean, fluid design in a calm...

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  • Solid Wood Bedroom Dressers
    Solid Wood Bedroom Dressers

    The solid wood bedroom dressers are natural, environmentally friendly and healthy. The solid...

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  • Leather Dining Room Chairs
    Leather Dining Room Chairs

    This leather dining chairs are intensively crafted, and every craft is refined, and the...

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  • White Solid Wood Dresser
    White Solid Wood Dresser

    This white solid wood dresser has a soft touch and a rounded line. It allows you to stay in and...

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  • Round Glass Dining Table
    Round Glass Dining Table

    With the improvement of living standards, people are paying more and more attention to the...

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  • Three Seat Leather Sofa
    Three Seat Leather Sofa

    This Three Seat leather Sofa is full and round, with a good leather radiance and a radiant glow....

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