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Dining Chair

Tables and chairs are chairs for dining and are a kind of dining room furniture. The dining chair not only has to sit comfortably, but also looks comfortable. Our dining chairs have the right proportions, even if you are greedy for dessert for a long time. A variety of dining chairs vary in style, so you can choose the style that suits you best. We also design the dining chair with the dining table so that you can arrange the dining area.
The dining chairs we provide contain cushions filled with polyester filler, with a high backrest and a more comfortable seat. The molded seat plate distributes the body pressure evenly, making you feel comfortable. The backrest is filled with soft foam that provides good support for your waist for a comfortable fit.
The dining chair has been tested and is suitable for use in restaurants and offices while meeting standard safety, durability and stability requirements. To improve stability, retighten the screws after two weeks of assembly and if necessary. The dining chair is an easy way to create a perfect and harmonious restaurant. We offer a variety of styles that are comfortable and durable. Spending less time looking for furniture means having more time to share food with family and friends and share laughter.
The sitting surface of the dining chair can be slightly curved, which is good for muscle relaxation and sitting up. The angle of inclination of the seat surface and the inclination of the backrest can tilt the human body backwards and move the weight of the human body to the portion between the waist and the thigh. Thereby holding the body all, avoiding the body to slide forward, while reducing fatigue. The soft cushion cushion adds comfort.
The dining chairs we offer are sturdy and wearable, and you will find the right choice for your taste. Our dining chair has a very simple atmosphere and a little modern taste. It is very tasteful in color, and it puts us in a very pleasant mood. It looks very tasteful, warm, and simple. As one of the professional dining chair manufacturers and suppliers in China. JL&C Furniture offers the customized dining chair with competitive price. Welcome to buy the highest quality from our factory.
1. The seat has a cushion filled with polyester padding. The backrest is high and the sitting feel is more comfortable.
2. Molded seat plate can evenly disperse body pressure, making you feel comfortable.
3. The backrest is filled with soft foam that provides good support for your waist for a comfortable fit.
4. Care instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry with a clean cloth.