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Appearance form of furniture material

- Mar 24, 2017 -

Appearance of the furniture directly in front of users, it is the function and structure of Visual performance. Furniture the appearance of flowers attached to the structure, in particular the external structure. But appearance does not exist corresponding to the relationship between form and structure, different forms of appearance of the same structure can be used to represent. Appearance form there is a large degree of freedom, combination of space has a very selective, such as Dresser have the same basic structure, but its appearance is different styles.

Furniture the appearance of the form as a function of the external performance, also has a cognitive function, therefore, have a message and sign can also develop its aesthetic function, resulting in some exotic atmosphere, a certain artistic effect, give people the enjoyment of beauty.


Furniture product functionality is divided into four areas, namely technical, economic, functions and aesthetic functions, along with the economic development, furniture has the best in value and value-added features, such as European-style furniture in the old teak wood and furniture in the old mahogany.

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