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Furniture collections

- Mar 24, 2017 -

Some older, very collectable old furniture is antique lovers "envious". However, in these collections, there are many fakes. In order to prevent the "drill" the following 5 ways to identify fake old furniture to give it a try.

1, patina is a natural: the general location of the old furniture in users hands often touch, there will be natural patina, patina or natural in the new replicas, or in places that often touch on the furniture have patina.

2, see furniture, floor and drawer panels: old table plate and drawer panels there is a imitation is not like the old gas. Which is important, to see old furniture of Ming, and old furniture is mortise lock rabbet is. If you see round mortise ends, descriptions are machine is definitely the new copy of.

3, see wood: some rough wood furniture surfaces will appear, but this depends on whether the wood is hard to clean with a wire brush.

4, see revision marks: some oil on canvas Chair after the renovation, the original Chair leaves densely packed with nail holes, this Chair is old, just turn the Chair upside down you can see the eye.

5, see carving: from a study on the style and level of carving. Antique furniture in the production work is wide, artisan's mentality is also very calm, antique furniture usually goes through exquisite, round and natural furniture. And now the new copy of furniture, processed in order to reduce costs, often in a hurry, which carved out of the bag on, particularly in the Chinese-style furniture, round smooth enough, strong enough.

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