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Furniture material application considerations

- Mar 24, 2017 -

1, the processing technology: materials processing technology directly affects the production of furniture. For wood materials, machining process, taking into account its influenced by moisture and shrinkage of heaving and anisotropy of fission and porous. Plastic material to take into account its ductility, hot plastic deformation. Glass material to take into account its brittleness and hardness.

2, texture and appearance quality of textures and texture of materials determines the appearance of the product quality of special experiences. Wood is natural material, natural, beautiful, vivid, feel good, and easy processing, coloring, is the production of furniture of the finest materials. Plastics and composite materials can simulate all kinds of natural characteristics of the material, and has good coloring, but its easy to aging, heat deformation, with the production of furniture, its service life and range of use is restricted.

3, Economics: Economics of furniture material including material prices, materials processing consumes, the utilization of materials and material source of richness.

4, strength: the strength to take into account its grip and splitting resistance and elastic modulus.

5, surface decoration: under normal circumstances, performance finishing it refers to surface decoration, stickers, engraving, coloring, hot, burning, feasibility of decoration.

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