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Furniture use misunderstanding

- Mar 24, 2017 -

Many customers at the furniture store to see a product, the first sentence is to ask if the wood? Hear a negative answer, turn left.

In fact, this is due to their lack of understanding of modern furniture.

Corresponding to the traditional solid wood furniture, modern furniture, is a man-made sheet-centric. In the most commonly used for MDF, it is wood or other plant fiber as raw material, adding resin adhesive, so wooden veneering furniture is solid wood edge, the highest level of practice, even imported advanced furniture as well. Solid wood is generally only used in wood, edge banding and other small parts. The other hand, whether it be traditional furniture or modern furniture, wood because of its material, texture, resources and other factors, there is a clear division of high, medium and low. Cheap solid wood, veneer of their value than high-end. Especially when many middle and low wood, because dehydration causes of bad (furniture wood usually require kiln dried, relative moisture content below 10%-12%), after the furniture, deformation and very likely to burst. High quality solid wood furniture is often expensive.

In short, plate maximum advantage than on the mechanical properties of solid wood. Customers have this attitude, it is not completely wrong, "formaldehyde is not free", cannot be formaldehyde-free.

Objectively speaking, from "indoor environmental protection", the VOC content is much lower than that of the solid wood plates. From the "global environment", alleviated to a certain extent resource constraints with the plate, for sustainable development.

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