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Solid wood

- Mar 24, 2017 -

Solid wood furniture is furniture made from natural wood, green furniture can usually be seen on the surface of the wood and beautiful patterns. Furniture solid wood furniture finishing varnish or matte varnish to the natural color of wood.

Solid wood furniture there are several forms of it? One is pure solid wood furniture. That means all timber furniture is solid wood, including the desktop, wardrobe doors, side panels, are made from pure wood, do not use any other Panel. Pure solid wood furniture to technology and material requirements are high. The other is solid wood furniture. The so-called solid wood furniture, from the appearance point of view is of solid wood furniture, natural texture, feel and color of wood and solid wood furniture is the same, but it is solid wood and artificial Board mixing furniture, namely, side panels, bottom, shelves and other parts with a thin veneer of Particleboard or medium density fiberboard. Doors and drawers is made of solid wood. This process saves wood, also reduce costs. A normal solid wood furniture prices should be around 16,000 yuan, while the solid wood furniture at least 30,000 yuan. Reality furniture price also depends on the use of specific materials and technology decisions.

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