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Solid wood and wood veneer furniture

- Mar 24, 2017 -

1, mahogany, black walnut, walnuts are the best quality of wood, mainly from North America and Europe.

Mahogany heartwood is typically a reddish, radial section features with beautiful patterns. Homemade walnut and lighter in color. Black Walnut is dark-brown purplish, tangential to the beauty of parabolic patterns (mountain line). Black walnuts are very expensive, furniture, usually made of wood, rarely in solid wood.

2, cherry, cherry imports mainly from Europe and North America, wood light brown, texture and elegant, parabolic pattern of tangential for the Middle, there is a small circular. Cherry wood is the high-grade wood, furniture is usually made of wood, rarely in solid wood.

3, beech wood, beech wood here is beech, in traditional Chinese furniture and "South beech North Elm" beech wood are two different things. Beech bright pale yellow, has a dense network of "needle" (Ray), peeled mountain lines. Europe beech flaw less, much better than homemade. Import of beech wood in the country belonged to the middle-grade timber, veneer, solid wood are also used as Dining chairs and small parties and so on.

4, maple, Maple color pale yellow, the Hill lines, the biggest feature is the "shadow" (local luster). Maple is the mid-range wood, veneer and solid wood are common.

5, birch, Birch color pale yellow, features many easy points, "waterline" (black line). Birch is a mid-range wood, solid wood and veneer are common.

6, rubber wood, painted light yellow brown, messy little ray, soft material, makes it low quality wood material. Businesses referred to as "oak", in fact, to fish in troubled waters. Real oak is expensive. European white oak texture, elegant, North American Red Oak Mountain lines, both of hard material, appearance, structure, material, wood and rubber irrelevant.

Others, such as pine, FIR, oak, such as paulownia, all of which were relatively low-grade furniture wood.

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