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The structure of furniture

- Mar 24, 2017 -

Structure refers to the use of materials and must be combined with connections between components, it is based on a structural system consisting of certain functions. It includes the internal structure and the external structure of the furniture, refers to the internal structure of furniture parts a certain way, it depends on the change and development of science and technology of materials. Like the traditional mortise and modern furniture hardware connections are internal structure.

Addition, furniture of external structure directly and using who phase contact, it is appearance styling of directly reflect, so in scale, and proportion and shape Shang are must and using who phase adapted, this is so-called of human engineering, for example seat surface of height, and depth, and back dip appropriate of Chair can lifted people of fatigue sense; and storage class furniture in convenient using who access items of premise Xia, to and by store items of scale phase adapted,.

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