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Bed One Of The Decorations Of The Family

- Sep 29, 2017 -

The bed is for people who sleep on the bed. One third of the time spent in bed. After thousands of years of evolution is not only a tool to sleep, but also one of the family decorations. Not only reflects the changes in the ancient way of living and customs, but also contains many little-known historical anecdotes. Types of flat bed, four-poster bed, bunk beds, bed and so on.



The secret of a good bed first lies in the bed, then how to identify the pros and cons of bed First of all to note that the quality of the bed board, opened the mattress, we will see the wooden bed board, if the bed board for the plate rather than multi-layer board, the bed quality is not high, multi-layer straight plate and wire spring made Of the bed, with a heavy texture without any noise, are high quality bed.


Safe, durable bed can not fully guarantee a comfortable sleep, only the bed and mattresses can be a good combination, it may create the most perfect bed and the best way to rest, select the mattress should pay attention to the following two points :

A, elastic hardness: each person's sleep habits are different, so the mattress of the soft and hard demand is different, a good bed with the sleeping posture changes and automatically adjust the stretch, so in the purchase, according to their own sleep habits to All kinds of posture try to lie, if you can feel comfortable, in order to achieve the best sleep conditions;

B, size: mattress length and width should be enough, because everyone will be able to stand up to sleep, to leave enough space for people to free to flip. The length of the mattress to an individual height of at least 15 cm is appropriate, reserved pillow placed space, reduce the pressure when the sleep, the height of the proposed high to buy long mattresses.



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2, to maintain air circulation: to ensure that the mattress material is not damp, and increase the comfort of mattresses, mattresses used in the room must keep the air circulation;

3, to avoid a single point in the mattress or fixed-point pressure to avoid standing on the mattress or do a single point of jump or fixed-point weight, this will make the mattress uneven force, should also avoid long-term sitting Edge, and shorten the mattress life;

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5, do not smoke in bed or place the mattress near the flame;

6, the use of cleaning pad: To ensure that the mattress health, in the bed before the bed, first covered with cleaning pad;

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8, careful handling: in the handling, the mattress should be placed on the upright, do not bend folding, this will damage the mattress stereotypes of the border, resulting in deformation of the mattress.


1, high-grade cotton bedding cleaning, under normal circumstances there will be different degrees of shrinking;

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3, the need to use a neutral detergent, can not use bleach, water temperature below 30 is appropriate, after drying to medium temperature ironing, folding and stored in a dry place;

4, this family bed bedding selection of materials, it is recommended that you all want to dry cleaning.

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