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BedHow To Choose The Right One

- Aug 25, 2017 -

Life, bed and our lives are closely related, but how can we avoid spending more money to buy inappropriate furniture? The simplest bed is actually a platform, this platform can be set into the wall, can also be placed alone. Here, and bed called "partnership" mattress also had to mention. Bed this platform and mattress must be in close cooperation with the body to lie more comfortable. Buy a bed, bed height to moderate, the right height to facilitate the body to get out of bed; the same time, you can also avoid the mattress and the ground is too close and easy to gray. We try to improve the standard of living, it is inevitable to spend a lot of money to buy expensive mattresses, or foam mattress, in order to obtain its comfort.

Well, here I am going to offer different options for people of different lifestyles. Before you buy a bed, you must have a bed height before putting the mattress. For example, your ideal bed is fifty centimeters tall, subtracting the thickness of the mattress from the overall height - for example, twenty centimeters, and the rest of the thirty centimeters should be the height of the bed. The life of the headboard is the same as that of other slats, so be sure to be purely wooden.

1. For the simple way of life for the crowd:

Mentioned above, the bed is just a mattress supporting the plane, if you are simple, generous, easy to use the main, then find a you like a high degree of bed (plus mattress height), do not buy too expensive, but the bed Pad to choose good, because good mattress can effectively improve your sleep quality. For example: foam mattress. Or you can decorate the house in their own time, to the interior designer put the bed board into the wall, in order to reduce the bed area, thereby increasing the scope of indoor activities.

2. For the lifestyle requirements of the relatively high population is concerned:

"Display of wood" is a term in furniture, is put on the mattress is still exposed outside the wood. The more "display wood", the bed price will be more expensive, and the different materials also make bed prices vary. If you want to add headboard, it is recommended to use a slight tilt, which will make people more comfortable lying in bed reading. There are a lot of people who like high headboards because the high headboard looks atmospheric and impressive. However, it is recommended not to buy so high headboard, try to buy a little lower to go. This and the benefit is that the headboard and the frame at the junction of the wood parts will not be too much pressure.


1. Before buying, be sure to carefully check the woodworking, slats and exposed woodworking.

2. To find the bed of satisfaction, be sure to personally select, see more, more than a good choice of foam mattress.

3. Outside the luxury bed is beautiful, but the luxury bed can really guarantee a good sleep better.

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