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Bedroom Furniture How To Put Well

- Jun 30, 2017 -

  Bedroom furniture how to put well

  1, bedroom furniture bed placed: bed is the bedroom furniture center, bedroom bed placed in the resolution of the bedroom layout is good or bad. Bed as much as possible to select the north-south direction, along and geomagnetic force. Bedroom furniture Head if the west, the blood is often straight to the head, sleep less stable; if the head to the east to sleep, there will be a stable feeling. Bedside can not rely on the door, if the palliative bedroom limited space, and the bed on the door side, made a taboo of the bedroom. For the bed itself, to think about its length, the width is not enough, the bed is not flat, and is there an outstanding support and comfort. Bedside cabinets should be higher than the bed, it is beneficial to improve the intelligence of sleeping, and improve the quality of sleep.

  2, the table and the shelf: the owner of the room and the shelves are placed in the past, the table can be used to eat or write, Bedroom furniture shelves can be used to place objects. However, because many high-rise useful area is small, to try to use every inch of space, you need to spend a lot of thought, and the space will not tolerate furniture, only the use of furniture furnishings to palliative space, it is likely in the host room In the table does not meet the layout of the guidelines and shelves, such as too many sharp shape of the appearance, etc., should be prevented, the owner of the room as far as possible to smooth the skirt angle is appropriate

  3, wardrobe, suitcase placed: the owner of the room space is limited, wardrobe, suitcase placed in the owner of the room will constitute an inconvenient, not suitable. In the home school, that in the owner of the room to put a wardrobe, Bedroom furniture suitcase will affect the living, this situation is unwise. In order to use the space, place the local as much as possible to wardrobe, dressing table, etc. in a row.

  4, bedroom furniture, dressing mirror placed: dressing mirror placed must remember a condition, that is, the mirror not to the bed, because people half awake between the middle of the night to get up simply by the mirror image of the shock, Bedroom furniture energy is not stable. The mirror is used primarily for evil. The so-called evil means that the suspension of the mirror so that it is straight from the bad gas reflexed back, and therefore not on the auspicious direction.

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