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Bedroom Furniture Placed So Much For The Benefits

- Sep 29, 2017 -

In order to live more convenient, we always want to put some furniture in the bedroom, but the bedroom placed furniture is a principle, placed bad, not only affect our mood, but also affect our sleep quality, more harm than good. So, how should the bedroom furniture be placed?

One: the placement of the bed

Bedroom bed is the most important, its furnishings on the atmosphere of the room plays a decisive role. According to expert research, a bed wherever it is placed, the pillow's position is just the middle of the two windows is the best. If the room has east, south of the two windows, the bed should be selected in the vicinity of the central location, which happens to be the intersection of two windows at the south, the distance between the bed and the window is greater than 30cm.

Second: bedroom furniture size to be coordinated

Choose a size and bedroom ratio of the coordination of the bed, and then configure the proportion of the corresponding lighting and decorations, harmonious and consistent with the feeling of comfort. In the choice of the right size of the bed at the same time, the bedroom with the coordination of the color of the furniture is also very important. In the bedside table placed a few lovely sweet ornaments, add a little tender for the small bedroom.

Three: sofa placed pay attention

If the bedroom area is enough, you can place a set of sofas. Single sofa is more than a pair of security, the middle of a small coffee table, you can put some cigarettes cups. Before a double or triple sofa, you need a rectangular coffee table. The sofa should be placed under the window or under the lighting, so arranged from the location of the sofa to see the whole room, will feel a lot of bright.

Four: small bedroom learn to accept

Remove the messy furniture, remove the unnecessary dressing table, bedside cabinets and TV cabinets can make room for the bedroom, these furniture can be placed in other rooms in the room, a small bedroom space becomes spacious. Bedside placed a simple line of small bedside cabinets is enough to put up the fragile goods. Similarly, the placement of a small multi-functional wardrobe in the bedroom can also store a lot of clothing.

Five: symmetrical display

Bedroom to bed as the center, the bedside against the wall, with the bed side by side are placed on both sides of the large cabinet, chest of drawers, and the other side of the bed on both sides, were placed small table and desk. This arrangement, it formed a bed-centered symmetry, that is, cabinet and cabinet symmetry, countertops and table symmetry, open up more spacious, bright, clean.

Six: choose light color ceiling

Choose a light-colored ceiling to make the space look more tall, dark color of the ceiling decoration will make the bedroom become more depressed uncomfortable. White chandeliers have brightened and pick up the feeling of space, hanging in the top of the bedroom, even more spacious and tall.

Now many units are small units, do not desperately in the narrow bedroom stuffed too much furniture, otherwise it will appear very messy, will create a depressed feeling. If something is more, to buy some of the furniture with the storage function, as a storage area.

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