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Bedroom FurnitureWith Pay Attention To Harmony

- Aug 25, 2017 -

Bedroom is for people to rest, sleep place, furniture should not be complicated, and pay attention to the furniture layout of the normal rest of the impact. Bedroom furniture layout to reflect the overall atmosphere of clean and comfortable, the room should be smooth and smooth, avoid complicated.

Bedroom furniture mainly by the sleep, make-up, storage and tables and chairs composed of four parts. Which includes bed and bedside cabinet two parts.

Most of the bedroom furniture layout depends on the location of the room door and window, the habit of standing outside the station can not look directly to the bed furnishings better, and the window and bed parallel to the more appropriate direction. In addition, the storage cabinets, small round tables and chairs are mostly arranged in the side of the bed, audiovisual display cabinets are mostly displayed in the bed of the facade, in order to watch. Dresser placed no fixed mode, can be set in parallel with the bedside cabinet, but also with the bed was parallel to the layout. The protagonist in the bedroom furniture is the bed, the furniture in the bedroom is composed around it. Bed material is divided into four kinds, solid wood, steel pipe, cloth and leather.

Furniture with pay attention to harmony

In general, the bedroom furniture should have a harmonious and unified style, consistent in color, style and material on the same or similar, a variety of furniture in size with the size to be harmonious, and also with the bedroom small furnishings, wall, flowers Such as coordination, so that the bedroom into a unified whole, to achieve visual comfort.

Modern home, the bedroom is not large, no one wants a small room can retain large space. To avoid large and small cabinets to make the bedroom cramped, but can easily accommodate a variety of clothing, home multi-purpose storage program to make it possible, the bedroom furniture purchase has six trick:

Trick 1: related to their own, can also be "high" high hanging

The use of removable steel paint hanging clothes rod, you can hang all kinds of large high, to ensure that shirts, coats, suits very strong, to avoid wrinkles. More angular extension of the hanging rod, even the corner of the space is not let off. In addition, the hanging rod can also be used with nylon material storage bag, the level of clear, structured.

Trick two: one stretch, to pants line up

Stretched pants rack can be linked to 13 pants. Steel spray surface to prevent pants from falling. Special pull-type design, easy to take daily. Can be used with the hanging clothes, make full use of the closet inside the large space.

Trick three: separated from the wonderful territory, separated from the entertainment space

Shelf is also useful. Fixed shelves not only the perfect storage of clothes, but also flexible, can be used to place small TV, books and other items, physical and mental relaxation and entertainment moments of integration. More birch wood pull off the shelf, with the slide with the convenience of your admission and take. To be with a chessboard-style shelf partition, put the belt belt and other small accessories, the plane of the space Dunsheng fun.

Trick four: small box made great merits, small pieces all get

The empty drawer is the easiest thing to make. Simple style of the storage box can be used to help effectively divide the drawer pattern, people headaches socks, underwear, scarves and other small parts can be easily collected. Storage box material and diverse, each with its own characteristics: plastic material transparent and beautiful, synthetic fiber lightweight portable, depending on the need to choose a different storage box. Of course, so practical storage compartment is also very suitable for the bathroom, for you to summarize the placement of bottles and jars.

Tricks five: cloth dress monk clothes dirty clothes

Are you worried about washing clothes and clean clothes? A cotton-backed laundry bag can be attached to the closet along with the birch frame, which can be removed to the bathroom after being loaded with dirty clothes. It can also be attached to the wall of the bathroom with a hook, neither occupying the bedroom space nor wasting the bathroom space.

Trick 6: bed under the wall

In addition to the large wardrobe, the central location of a comfortable bed is naturally the protagonist of the room. The bed of the huge space of course, can not arbitrarily let go. Rattan bedside storage box just fit the size of the bed frame, enough reserve space, so you do not have to worry about the big quilts after the season hiding place. Supporting the cotton cloth cover, can be used to cover the surface of the storage box to prevent the attack of dust, but also to ensure that the bedding clean and tidy, reflecting the overall beauty of the room.

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