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Bedroom Wardrobe How To Put Feng Shui Good

- Jul 25, 2017 -

  Bedroom wardrobe how to put feng shui good

  1, bedroom wardrobe placed

  Bedroom wardrobe placed in the feng shui in the general wardrobe should be placed on the left side of the bed, fit the dragon bit yang, higher than the right hand side of the white tiger dresser, you can maintain a strong yang, so that you prosperous wealth.

  2, bedroom wardrobe facing

  Bedroom wardrobe placed facing the bedroom door according to the choice of choice, if the bedroom door north, should choose light-colored wardrobe, can be placed on the corner, avoid the wardrobe with too much reflective decoration.

  3, bedroom wardrobe placed in bed with the relationship

  Bedroom wardrobe placed should be a certain distance from the bed, from the perspective of life, easy to walk in the bedroom, the air is smooth. From the perspective of feng shui, said the shelter to live up to life, to get out of bed to avoid bumps; bed over there should not exist with a sense of oppression of the items, so that people can rest in bed to be physically and mentally happy.

  4, bedroom wardrobe with mirror

  If your home bedroom wardrobe with a dressing mirror, avoid the bedroom wardrobe dressing mirror facing the bedroom window, bedroom door, otherwise it will form a light evil affect the quality of sleep is not conducive to health.

  5, the color of the bedroom wardrobe

  Bedroom wardrobe color to be consistent with the bedroom style, not too surprisingly, in the visual to maintain a sense of unity.

  6, bedroom wardrobe balance emotions

  For the bedroom with a bathroom at home, and bathroom straight bedroom bed, you can use the closet to do partition, reduce the bathroom to bring the moisture and toilet dirty gas, otherwise it will affect people's health. With the closet distance, you can make the bedroom gas field harmony, but also conducive to balance the mood.

  7, bedroom wardrobe exuberant indoor yang

  For a bedroom with a dresser, you can do it with a tall bedroom wardrobe. Because the dressing table is generally used for women, is negative, dresser should be placed on the right side of the white tiger position, white tiger is negative. Bed placed on the right side of the dresser, wardrobe on the left side of the bed dragon, you can maintain the balance of the bedroom, making the bedroom yang strong, people thriving, wealth flow.

  8, bedroom wardrobe avoid playing debris

  Wardrobe is one of the larger furniture in the bedroom furniture, the space is large, the storage of many, so many people in order to make the whole bedroom looks neat, grasp the hand closet stuffed with books or something. Wardrobe long chaotic, will produce a wet gas, affecting the smooth flow of air in the bedroom, thus affecting the owner's mood, and even the rational thinking of the ability of the owner.

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