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Buy Modern Chinese Sofa Six Trick

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Buy the sofa first with their own decoration style to adapt, and only with properly, in order to match each other, to achieve the perfect decorative effect. If the home is a Chinese style, you can choose modern Chinese sofa or classical Chinese sofa. Here are some tips on the modern Chinese sofa.

TOP1: sofa to buy tips

1, the stability of the sofa

When you choose a modern Chinese sofa in the store, you can sit on the sofa and shake it hard to choose a stable Chinese sofa.

2, the sofa frame

Modern Chinese sofa skeleton strong or not directly related to the modern sofa life and quality assurance, if possible, let the sales staff to open the sofa sets, look at the modern Chinese sofa frame, choose the material strong. Leather modern Chinese sofa can be held by the hands of the sofa feel the weight, if it is with the packaging board, plywood into the sofa light weight, solid wood frame is relatively heavy.

3, the sofa filled with sponge

Good modern Chinese sofa sponge, sit up should not be subsided, it will not be hard, but soft and powerful, people can quickly get back after the original. But also allows the body was free to fall on the modern Chinese-style sofa, the body at least the sofa cushion bounced more than 2 times in order to ensure that this set of modern sofa elasticity good, and the service life will be longer.

4, sofa comfort

Take a look, rely on, lying about, feel the size of the sofa and your "human size" match, modern Chinese sofa must buy comfortable.

TOP2: sofa purchase notes

1, the sofa look good and do not forget the color uniform

Modern Chinese sofa color to adapt to their own style and color decoration, and only with properly, in order to match each other, to achieve the perfect decorative effect. Sofa color and the main color of the living room is best not to differ too much, so in a unified style and color to create a harmonious beauty.

2, according to the budget to make the best choice

Before choosing a modern Chinese couch, consumers need to do a detailed budget to see how much they can buy Chinese couples in the end. Buy modern Chinese sofa can not just look at the appearance, covet cheap, but should be the right choice of the most appropriate cost-effective products.

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