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Buy The Whole Wardrobe A Few Knowledge

- Sep 27, 2017 -

Buy the whole wardrobe a few knowledge

From the appearance point of view, the market is not much difference in the wardrobe, in fact, there are many different details of the place, and how to choose a good set of overall wardrobe, is our daily life in the home decoration knowledge. Xiaobian with the following to see it!

1, first look at the selection of wardrobe. Professional manufacturers use is in line with national testing standards of environmentally friendly sheet, and some manufacturers use, are some no test report, the human health poses a potential threat to the poor plate. Therefore, buy a wardrobe, first of all depends on the business there is no national authority of the testing department of the plate test report and the relevant test certificate.

2, look at sheet veneer. Some wardrobe, the surface is also good, in fact, gently with a nail, you can draw a clear scratches. These wardrobe is the choice of low-cost wardrobe on the market often use the surface paste Paul paper, gorgeous paperboard, wear resistance is poor. Professional manufacturers are using a thicker dip and high temperature and high pressure treatment of environmentally friendly melamine plywood, high surface strength, wear resistance scratch.

3, look at the board edge. Professional manufacturers using precision cutting board saw cutting plate, plate around no collapse. Surrounded by edge, the effective prevention of moisture in the air into the interior of the plate. Some manufacturers do not have professional equipment, cutting rough, surrounded by a clear collapse of the phenomenon. And some even cut corners, only the front side of the sheet edge. No edge can easily absorb the water in the air, causing the expansion of the plate, resulting in wardrobe deformation, affecting the service life.

4, see processing methods. Professional manufacturers of professional automatic edge banding machine, the use of environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive four sides, veneer firm. The use of the production process are environmentally friendly materials, in order to ensure the final production of the wardrobe environmental protection, to ensure that there is no pollution of the material. Some manufacturers, no professional processing equipment, with ordinary universal glue artificial coating edge, easy to drum off. In addition, this plastic contains benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances seriously exceeded, the formation of a potential threat to human health.

5, look backplane structure. Professional manufacturers with thickness 5mm or thicker backplane, melamine veneer, the use of trench-type anti-leather lap structure, to prevent the backplane directly with the wall surface absorption of moisture on the wall. Some brands, the thickness of the back plate, the use of nail-type backplane connection, the back of the wall and the wall in direct contact with the wall of moisture moisture is easily absorbed by the plate, easy to moisture, mold, deformation, Sex.

6, to see whether the professional home custom. Brand wardrobe are specialized production, functional pieces (drawers, trousers, tie plate, etc.) are standard design, width, depth, height are standard, and in order to meet the individual needs of customers, but also to provide customized quality assurance , But also in line with the concept of professional custom home.

7, see hardware accessories. Professional manufacturers use factory accessories, quality assurance. Accessories are often hidden, consumers are difficult to identify, to carefully push and pull the feeling. Accessories are wardrobe, bookcase and sliding door an important element, is to ensure that the use of household products comfort, durability of the important indicators.

8, see manufacturers security signs and services. Professional manufacturers in the closet edge, door profiles, pulleys, and even plate veneer, there are obvious manufacturers security logo, quality, maintenance are guaranteed, consumers can rest assured that use.

9, to see furniture matching, systematic. Professional plate furniture manufacturing enterprises, not only can make wardrobe ,, cloakroom, bookcases, also provide shoe cabinet, wine cabinet, bed, dresser, bedside cabinets and rotating hanger systems such as home products. The overall coordination of the design, eliminating the need for consumers to go around, patchwork of trouble. And the panel unity, color coordination, style matching, furniture, high integrity.

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