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Chair Comfort

- Mar 24, 2017 -

Seat comfort is related to human scale. Differences in groups with people, generally North of tall, slightly short of the South, also the case in North America and Europe; differences in men and women, there are differences in individual and individual. So, you don't feel well, give it a try just know, mainly the following points:

1. seat height: should be equal to the lower leg length, seated leg down, foot landing. High leg hangs, thigh following poor oppressed too much and too long; the seat is too low, put not on the seat surface of the thigh, compression of body weight on her hips, long also be uncomfortable.

2. seat depth: sitting in chairs, seat depth should be equal to the length of the thigh, sat down and bend of the knee happens to chair, the seat is too deep, waist and back without landing; the seat is too shallow, thighs don't have enough support, not comfortable.

3. the material of the seat and back: both should be "velvet glove"--stand to be strong enough, but a certain thickness of the elastic layer on the surface. Most out of contact with the human body material should be breathable, abrasion resistant, stain-resistant, and not as easily as a human body or clothing to produce static electricity.

4. back: best on the waist, back and neck is all or part of the support role. Chair sitting longer, better support. Dining chairs for dining at the time, you can ignore the neck, and Office chairs are the best can be looked after. Imported furniture is often more suitable for the production of country people need to be aware of when selecting.

Arm 5: the best selection of adjustable height.

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