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Chair Selection

- Mar 24, 2017 -

Chair with strong practicability, appears in all the rooms, its primary function is to facilitate people to rest, so it's comfort level is a measure of a Chair is the main criterion.

Most people choose double Chair, most comfortable and strong, this type of Chair used in the bedroom, can lie lying, and studded clothing, can one object with, also can be placed in the living room, using different colors to create a good mood. When choosing a double Chair, two considerations: the function and the material. Double Chair in functionality to meet two or three human needs, depending on the room depending on the number of family members. Common material is cloth and leather. Fabric is easy to clean and replace, changing with the seasons change; leather chair can be noble, but not very suitable for summer.

Chair the relatively large area of more than of space Chair, sofa is more variability. Single chair for its circle back styling of different, in space of using Shang also has different of function uses, if using of properly can reflected out master of personality, shall not Dang is will self-defeating; high back type single chair, for home using, can passed out leisure, and easily of home atmosphere; streamlines styling, and color compared strongly, with strongly visual beauty of Chair, is for single nobles or work room; personal style strongly of leisure Chair, and Chair, and rocking chair, for placed in space a angle or balcony, as mood of conversion station.

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