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Dining Table Daily Maintenance Introduction

- Oct 20, 2017 -

The table is the main furniture of the restaurant, we need to use it in daily diet, maintenance of the table can let us save the cost of the new, but also allows us to have a comfortable environment when dining, it will not affect the restaurant decoration The overall effect. So how to maintain the table? What are the maintenance tips for the table?

1. As a result of the long heat sink on the desktop, leaving a white circle marks, this time can be used to wipe the cotton camphor oil, along the white mark marks like a circle to wipe back and forth, should be easy to remove traces.

2. Avoid placing hot water or hot soup cups, tableware placed directly on the table, but should be coasters or insulation pad and the desktop separated.

3. The color of the wooden dinette can be used in the scraper to do the color of the action, such as dyes dry, and then even the upper layer of light wax.

4. Glass table white scale, as long as the white scale at the point of some oil, and then wipe the old stockings can be.

5. In order to avoid contamination of oil pollution is difficult to remove, may wish to use the chair cover to protect your love chair, accidentally dirty, just remove the chair cover cleaning, convenient and easy, not hurt the chair.

6. Because the restaurant location is usually in the kitchen next door, so the dinette is easy to contaminated with soot, the user should be diligent to wipe, to reduce the dust attached to facilitate the future clean up.

7. When the dirt is more, you can wipe with warm water, then clean with water; in the surface coated with high-quality light wax, maintenance can also increase the light; to gently remove the structure to avoid damage; with all the same wooden furniture , Solid wood table afraid of high temperature, fear of sun straight, so try to pay attention to these two points, so as not to deformation of solid wood table, affecting the beautiful.

8. Do not force the collision glass surface, for the anti-glass surface scratches, the best shop on the tablecloth; put things in the above, to gently, avoid collision; like cleaning windows, with newspapers or special glass Cleaning agent to clean the tempered glass table also has a good effect; if there is pattern of wool glass, can be dipped in a toothbrush with detergent, its stains wipe.

9. Avoid hard objects or sharp objects hit the dinette; first remove the surface of the dust, and then cloth or towel to wipe; to avoid the strong place in the light, easy to deformation; edge as if the tilt and separation, Covered with thin cloth, iron iron can be restored to the original appearance; with scratches or bruises, color paint can be used with the same color. Surface stains can be wiped with vinegar or lemon juice, and then clean with water; for ancient or precious marble is best to clean the professional staff.

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