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Furniture Buying Tips

- Mar 24, 2017 -

Understand the main timber and mahogany furniture production technology, is an effective method to buy mahogany furniture.

1, pay attention to the mahogany furniture species identification. Mahogany furniture, the wood-based materials, national standards belonging to rosewood tree rosewood, rosewood, incense sticks, black rosewood, rosewood, ebony, red striped ebony and chicken-wing wood 8 33 species. Mahogany furniture in the market mainly in rosewood, rosewood and chicken wing wood, followed by ebony and striped ebony and mahogany furniture. When consumers buy, first to learn more about timber furniture Express identity name and plant origin, because the main Redwood trees mostly from Southeast Asia, tropical Africa and Latin American imports.

2, pay attention to the mahogany furniture of the real material. Doped with mahogany furniture and timber on the market from time to time, note to consumers in the purchase of products expressly identified with actual material. For example on the market some Bu Bin to imitate rosewood, rosewood impersonating rosewood have occurred. Mahogany furniture material requires national standards and local standards in Shanghai has strict rules: nominal rosewood furniture provides that all wooden furniture parts (except the mirror plate) identifies rosewood furniture provides that product visual appearance using mahogany wood and seed Board, not exposed wooden components with other non-wood materials or made of mahogany veneer plywood.

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