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Furniture Identification Methods

- Mar 24, 2017 -

1, stylistically speaking, classical furniture grades generally are higher than the modern furniture.

Antique furniture, including European antique furniture and classical Chinese furniture.

European antique furniture, generally refers to the 17th century to 19th century, this period of historical change daily life style, content and standard of furniture and decorative antique reproductions. Because of its artisanal production and rich culture makes it more than ' popular ' concept, which became a status symbol. This furniture is usually solid-material, good hardness and with considerable flexibility. Carve delicate patterns on its surface, without cracks, period of use up to at least dozens of years. Representatives of European classic furniture: Italy known for premium and luxury furniture is famous for its elegant line of French furniture Spanish furniture, known for romance and passion.

Classical Chinese furniture, including four of the most important design styles, namely: Chu-style furniture (Zhou dynasty to the northern and Southern dynasties), Song dynasty style furniture (sui and Tang dynasty to Yuan dynasty and early Ming dynasty), the Ming-style furniture (mid-Ming dynasty to early Qing) and Qing-style furniture (after the middle of the Qing dynasty). Proportions for the human body; cumbersome Qing-style furniture, exquisite, exquisite luxury, but not very practical, chair backs from radians to a right angle, thick massive, collecting and viewing share is a.

2, speaking from the material, the following factors which influence the furniture products:

China has nearly 800 products commonly used species, according to the principle of material quality, reserves are divided into five categories. That kind of material, class II materials, three categories of material, four categories of materials, five categories of materials (favorably to bad).

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