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How To Avoid The Common Wardrobe Storage Errors

- Aug 04, 2017 -

  How to avoid the common Wardrobe storage errors

  In order to make full use of the existing space in the house, many consumers favor the choice of customized products, that this will be able to sum up the order of clutter items, but in the daily use of the process, many consumers will feel the actual use of the house area The smaller. This is not a custom product is unreasonable, but you may be caught in the misunderstanding. Xiaobian today with everyone together to collect the four major misunderstandings, learning to make the room appears to be regular and orderly.

  Misunderstanding 1: pay attention only to the aesthetic design of the storage space

  For the choice of customized products, many consumers will be its personalized design, exquisite and elegant appearance of the confusion, in the purchase will often take into account the color, style, style with the whole house does not match, and the storage space Planning is less. Wardrobe Some consumers blindly pay attention to storage, that the more space the better storage; and some consumers will think that the internal structure is simple as well. However, in actual use, with the increase in home items, storage space design is unreasonable, storage is not convenient, storage space is not enough problems will be highlighted.

  Recommendation: in the beginning of the house design, we must plan the use of housing space, and to consider the future of the future baby space, Wardrobe do not blindly look at the "tall" design, but should be more practical applications, such as family Height, living habits, you can increase the number of three-dimensional storage cabinet design, this is both beautiful and practical.

  Misunderstanding 2: blind "off from the"

  "Cut away from the" straightforward explanation is "throw", the face of the storage space is not enough, many consumers to temporarily do not need to affect the home beautiful or bad collection of items all thrown away, the feeling that this can be simple Let the space "big" up. In fact, Wardrobe this approach is not a long-term plan, blindly discarded, blindly "off from the", the consequences are likely to repeat the purchase, which entered a vicious circle, but also led to increased household income, select.

  Recommendation: first and the goods to establish a link, clearly know what they need, for what, so you can avoid buying their own items do not need to increase pressure for future storage. Of course, "throw" is able to save a lot of time cost and space costs, finishing storage also need a certain "off", but can not blindly.

  Misunderstanding 3: not classified on the admission

  In daily life, many families may encounter such a problem: the beginning, but also the items of orderly planning, reasonable admission, but a long time, a busy job, Wardrobe for these details are not so care about the The Many items seasonal or temporarily do not wear, without careful classification

  Recommended: daily reorganization of the top priority is classified, so that all items in the wardrobe which have their own home, when the season often wear fear of wrinkled clothing, must be hung in the common area; Wear, you can fold the storage, the use of storage box classification into the top of the wardrobe; home category, underwear category, under the class in the following two areas, so that the wardrobe is sorted out clearly, wardrobe.

  Misunderstanding 4: hanger is not uniform only finishing

  Relative to the planning of the wardrobe space, Wardrobe hanger placement and selection seems seemingly insignificant, in fact, hanger space for the wardrobe clean and tidy can not be underestimated the role. Most of the family's hanger is mostly mashup. Hanger is not uniform, the collar of the height of inconsistencies, even if the clothes were tidy or feel that the wardrobe space a little chaos.

  Suggestion: no matter what kind of hanger, Wardrobe wardrobe racks as much as possible to maintain unity, so that the wardrobe will not only look very neat, and the top of the hook hanging clothes is the same height, change the uniform hanger, you will Discover the changes in the Wardrobe.

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