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How To Design The Wardrobe To Improve The Storage Space

- Aug 04, 2017 -

  How to design the wardrobe to improve the storage space

  Wardrobe pattern how to improve the storage space? What are the characteristics of wardrobe design? Then with Xiaobian together to see it.

  Wardrobe pattern design basically includes the following seven functional partitions:

  1, Yitong: for hanging clothes after ironing, wrinkled clothes, suits, jackets, dresses, dresses, etc., so that the clothes to maintain the best shape, no creases. In general, oval-shaped clothing through, bearing a better weight.

  2, shelves: for the release of folded clothes, seasonal clothing, storage boxes and so on. Shelf features, free to adjust the height, according to clothing habits and seasonal changes DIY your wardrobe.

  3, drawers: drawers are divided into ordinary drawers and fashion pumping. Ordinary drawers for placing personal items, documents, diaries, albums, etc., can be installed drawer lock, safe and reliable. Fashionable can be placed folded clothes, easy to take, crystal fashion pumping transparent design is easy to find, giving different visual effects.

  4, lattice rack: the belt, tie, jewelry, socks and other categories in full bloom, clean and clear.

  5, trousers: divided into drawer and rotating two. Mainly used to store the need to hang up trousers, a trousers can accommodate 15-25 trousers.

  6, pull the basket: a push rattan basket and metal basket, etc., suitable for stacking thin bedding, such as sheets, pillow, small pillow or blanket.

  7, tie clip: for the collection of tie, at a glance the design, very convenient for men to pick and find.

  If the use of wardrobes in accordance with the use of the crowd to divide the function, then the wardrobe pattern design and the following points:

  Elderly: older parents stacked clothes more, less pendant. Therefore, in the design wardrobe pattern, you can consider more to do more layers and drawers, and older parents because of physical conditions, should not frequent climb or squat, then, in the design of the closet in the drawer should not be the most The bottom, should be about 1 meter away from the ground height, the conditions allowed in the design of the wardrobe, consider the top of the closet to install the lift hanger.

  Young couple: young couple clothes relative to diversification. The general design of the wardrobe around the men and women of their own storage space, as is the convenience to take. The clothes hanging area inside the cabinet is usually divided into two layers, each coat and coat, the general shirt can also design a separate small drawer or shelf, so that because too much clothes squeezed together and wrinkled ugly The And such as underwear, ties and socks these small objects, can be designed to place a grid frame, both conducive to the maintenance of clothing, take objects more intuitive and convenient; not commonly used sweater can be placed in a deeper drawer, Can be designed to store a special wardrobe pants.

  Children: children's clothing, usually less pendant, stacked clothes more, and need to consider the issue of children's toys, you can design in the closet, consider a large body cabinet, the upper is a pendant, the lower vacant, convenient Children at any time to open the door to pick up or collect toys to meet the children's fun mentality.

  Wardrobe pattern design is reasonable to improve the space storage of the most basic conditions, only to have the corresponding clothing placement, in order to make the house look organized.

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