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Into The Fall Wardrobe How Pest Control Deodorant

- Sep 27, 2017 -

Into the fall wardrobe how pest control deodorant

Solid wood wardrobe, plate wardrobe after a few years after the use of bacteria and insects easy to breed, so many families need to take pest control deodorant measures to ensure that the use of wardrobe experience and extend the service life. How to prevent insects and deodorant it?


Many families are accustomed to using camphor, camphor to camphor as raw material, is the most fragrant insect repellent. Although in the course of use, camphor play a slow effect, but it will play a lasting role, will not damage the fabric, the applicability of a wide range.

Health ball

Sanitary ball can replace camphor, has a strong insecticidal effect, can be used for a long time, so you can put some more in the closet. The use of health balls is also wide, but the taste choking nose.


There are many families with insecticidal products, this type of product is not pungent odor, can also be mixed with other insect repellent use. The consumption of such insecticides is not easy to find, in the validity period to avoid the use of ketone clothing.

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