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Nightstand Main Type

- Jun 15, 2017 -

  Nightstand main type

  Single and double drawers Nightstands

  Can display jewelry, storage capacity is also good, and according to actual needs, but also transformed into a small TV cabinet, the price of 300 yuan to 2,000 yuan.

  Movable drawer Nightstand

  It is equipped with casters Nightstand is very convenient to move, some do not want too far away from the small objects can keep in the side.

  Open style

  There is no closed storage box, but there is exposed display rack. With solid wood to make a curved shape, a red and white two color contrast, than the traditional Founder of the Nightstand a bit more "feminine" and fashion sense.

  Coffee table Nightstand

  Frosted glass plus metal design double coffee table, placed next to bed, small and modern. The lower part of the coffee table can push the space under the bed, while the upper layer and bed along the parallel, very convenient and practical.

  Stool style

  The reason why it is given to it is because it adds the function of the stool for the Nightstand. The upper and lower layers can be separated, the upper is the wooden Nightstand storage box, the lower is the leather side of the square, remove the storage box, it becomes a bed of a small stool.

  Package style

  In fact, it is a group of gold-plated coffee table, but on the bed there is a different kind of taste, look gorgeous style. You can put one, but also with three medium and small together, it is suitable for European classical style of the home.

  Rattan table

  The biggest feature of this Nightstand in its material and shape, the table base for the triangular shape, extending up three wooden stents, holding a rich rattan table, to the bedroom to add a bit natural, Funny.

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