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Nightstand Maintenance Tips

- Jun 15, 2017 -

  Nightstand Maintenance Tips

  1, usually for the Nightstand waxing regularly, only the usual many maintenance talents often new.

  2, tea on the Nightstand, overnight will leave a good piece of smear stains. At this time, you can sprinkle some water on the table, use the tin foil in the cigarette box to wipe, then scrub with water, you can wash the tea stains off.

  3, hot cup plate, etc. indirectly placed on the furniture paint surface, will leave a ring of hot marks. Ordinary only with kerosene, alcohol, toilet water or strong tea dipped in wet wipes can be, or with iodine in the hot marks on the quietly wiped or coated with a layer of Vaseline oil;

  4, rattan Nightstand for a long time will have a scale, discoloration, can be used to scrub salt water, can not only decontamination, but also to make it soft and loose toughness. Usually rub with a wet towel to keep it clean.

  5, home in White Night table is very easy to get dirty, with a rag do not easily wipe dirty marks, or try to squeeze in the clean cloth with toothpaste, just quietly a wipe, furniture stain will be removed. Do not be too strong, do not hurt the paint.

  6. When there is a rift in the wooden Nightstand, the old newspaper can be cut, take part in excessive alum, with water or rice soup to boil it into a paste and then with a knife to embed it into the cracks and wipe flat, dry will be very strong, and then painted with the same color paint, wood can be restored to the original face.

  7, if the furniture paint surface abrasions, did not touch the wood, can be used with the same furniture color crayon or pigment in the furniture of the wound daub, cover the exposed background, then with a translucent nail polish thin layer can be wiped.

  8, if the Nightstand large area damp deformation should be changed, the furniture must be four feet flat, otherwise the force will not be deformed, push-pull closet door do not have to add a mirror, the mirror too heavy will cause the door to fall pressure change track.

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