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Nightstand Style Is Very Rich

- Sep 29, 2017 -

Bedside cabinet is a small role in the bedroom furniture, it is left and right, willing to set off the bed, even its name is also due to the function of the bed to produce. Generally divided into two kinds of paint and paint-free, probably an inch 500mm * 450mm, mostly by a drawer, a group of cabinet components, the installation of beautiful metal handle, it is convenient and practical. The general sales price ranging from 150-300.

Bedside cabinet is a small role in the bedroom furniture, it is left and right, willing to set off the bed, even its name is also due to the function of the bed to produce. Has always been bedside cabinets because of its function and the existence of some daily necessities, place bedside lights. Most of the items stored in the bedside cabinets, in order to meet the needs and access to items such as drugs, placed on the bedside table is more for the bedroom to add some warm atmosphere of the atmosphere, a small painting, flower arrangement, and bedside cabinet in addition to functional Outside things are ignored.

However, with the bed changes and personalized wall lamp design, so that the style of the bedside cabinet is also rich, decorative role is more important than the practical. Reporters in the Mercure Center, Xiangjiang home, Times Square, Jisheng Weibang and other home stores to see, and now the bedside cabinets have bid farewell to the previous design era is not focused, more and more sense of design bedside cabinets are gradually emerging, they appear, so that bedside cabinets Can no longer be in pairs, step by step guard on both sides of the bed, even if only choose a bedside cabinet, do not have to worry about a sense of monotony.

At the same time, the function of the bedside cabinet is also gradually reflected in the design, such as lengthening drawer-style bedside cabinets, this bedside cabinet with four parallel drawers, you can move the location, can put a lot of items; removable drawer bedside cabinet, There are caster bedside cabinet is very convenient to move, some do not want to leave too far from the small objects can keep in the side; single drawer bedside cabinets, both display jewelry, storage capacity is also good, and according to actual needs, but also transformed into a small TV cabinet It, the price is probably between 300 yuan to 2,000 yuan.

Cleaning and maintenance

Bedside cabinets are placed on both sides of the bedside small cabinet, it is obvious that the bedside table can be placed on some of their favorite photos, books, desk lamps, etc., do not look down on them Oh, it can add some warm atmosphere for the bedroom it.

1, usually to regularly for the bedside cabinet waxing, only the usual maintenance in order to keep it often new.

2, hot cups and other indirect on the furniture paint, will leave a circle of hot marks. Usually only use kerosene, alcohol, toilet water or tea moistened wipe can be wiped, or with iodine in the hot mark on the quietly wiping or coated with a layer of Vaseline oil, every two days and then wipe the hot mark with a rag eliminate.

3, the white bedside cabinet is easy to dirty, with a rag is not easy to wipe dirty marks, may wish to try to squeeze on the clean cloth with a toothpaste, just quietly rubbed, the furniture will be removed on the stains. Do not have to be too big, do not hurt the paint.

4, when the wood bedside cabinet cracks, the old newspaper can be broken, to participate in excessive alum, with water or rice soup to boil it and then use a knife to be embedded in the cracks and smooth, dry will be very strong, and then coated The same color of paint, wood can be restored to the original face of the.

5, if the furniture paint abrasions, not touch the wood, can be the same color with the same crayon or paint in the furniture of the wound, cover the exposed background, and then with a translucent nail polish thin layer can be wiped.

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