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Nightstand To Buy Knowledge

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Nightstand to buy knowledge

1, look at the edge of the board, high-quality Nightstand edge of the delicate, smooth, feel good, straight and smooth closure, fine joints. Professional plant with a straight line sealing machine to complete the process, uniform coating, pressure stability, to ensure the most accurate size. And not standardized factory are mostly manual operation, the error is large, uneven pressure, many places are not strong, but also cause formaldehyde and other harmful substances volatile.

2, look at drilling, Nightstands are made by assembly, which need to play a lot of positioning holes in the plate. The coordination and precision of the hole will affect the firmness of the Nightstand. Professional factory using multi-row drilling equipment to complete a hole, hole positioning accuracy is guaranteed. Do not regulate the use of simple drill row drill, and even pistol drill hole, positioning size error is large, it is difficult to ensure firmness, accuracy.

3, see the cutting board, Nightstand cutting board also called the material of the open material, is the first cabinet production process. Professional plant with electronic open saws through computer control processing size, out of the board size accuracy is very high, and there is no collapse of the board edge. And do not regulate the factory with a small manual open material saw, size error, and often appear stubble.

4, to see the whole set of Nightstand assembly effect, the production process of any size error will be reflected in the door, the professional production of the door flat horizontal vertical, and the door between the gap evenly, and not standard manufacturers production bedside door panel door gap Evenly, there are small and small.

5, see the bedside table drawer slide although very small details, but the hole and plate size error caused by the installation of the rails with the size of the error, resulting in the drawer pull is not smooth or loose conditions, but also pay attention to whether the drawer gap Evenly.

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