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NightstandBuy Knowledge

- Aug 25, 2017 -

Nightstand standard size by the national light industry sector is probably unit: width: 400 mm -600 mm, deep: 350 mm -450 mm high: 500 mm -700 mm. Buy furniture not only to choose the style to choose the size, style matching size does not play the furniture effect is not very satisfied. Whether it is to buy a low soft bed or a high box on the bed put a pair of delicate bedside cabinet will make the whole bed extra points. But the bedside cabinet is too high or too low not only failed to achieve the desired effect but will appear inconsistent, it is difficult to see. So usually we have to choose about how much size and home bed will be compared with it? Here we give a few examples for everyone to summarize the standard size of the bedside bar it

Nightstand standard size is consistent with a very hot question, how much Nightstand placed in the bedside to look good, when we buy the Nightstand size is very important for different styles and size of the bed is different. Today, we mainly on the beautiful music furniture online several beautiful Nightstand and bed with the size of the simple to say about it, I hope to buy Nightstand friends some good reference.

1. Modern style plateNightstand

Nightstand standard size: 520 * 400 * 415mm. This Nightstand and bed (out of the bed height) the height of the same, placed in the bed without any sense of violation, and good with the bed together, style style is very coordinated.Nightstand design is simple, feel good color and gentle, is the choice of modern home, this style of Nightstand quality is also relatively strong use of life is relatively long, this color is more resistant to dirt, will not easily damage its color Degree, clean up is also very convenient.

2. Korean pastoral Nightstand

Nightstand standard size: 520 * 400 * 550mm. This Han Feier bedside cabinet as a whole without losing the pastoral style, honest white, simple carving texture is very good, can be very good with the bedroom environment with, no sense of violation. Nightstand design below a partition, the above can be placed on the basic love to see books at any time, both played a simple role in the admission, but also to add the style of the bedroom. Leaning on the shop with a small flower bed next to the more rich natural pastoral flavor, simple shape on the grade, low-key rather than the connotation of theNightstand is the first choice.

3. British pastoral Nightstand

Nightstand standard size: 560 * 440 * 650mm. This kind of Dielianhua Nightstand is suitable for people ideal height shape with simple solid wood production, looks very very simple on the grade, natural wood grain is one of the most natural decoration, and most of the bedside style is not the same Is a Nightstand design has a drawer and a side door small cabinet, storage volume is larger, both play a very good storage effect, but also to dot the bedroom.

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