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Overall Wardrobe Maintenance Tips

- Jul 25, 2017 -

  Overall wardrobe maintenance tips

  The whole wardrobe, also known as the wall wardrobe / custom wardrobe / cloakroom, it is closely related with our lives furniture, long-term "consumables", if the maintenance is not good, it may make it lose the original glory, but also Affect the indoor decoration effect. So, how to maintain the overall wardrobe? What is the overall wardrobe maintenance skills?

  First, the wardrobe cabinet surface maintenance and cleaning, in the course of the process to avoid damage and scratch the wardrobe surface, if the surface is not careful with a slight scratches and bruises, cotton cloth can be dipped with some soot and lemon juice or fried oil The mixture rubbed, to be dry, wax maintenance, if it is more deep scratches or bumps more serious, you need to reconcile the same color paint, or go to the closet store to buy complementary toner can be repaired.

  Second, the regular closet and the board of the three-in-one connector to check, in particular, received a serious external collision time, found a loose and timely tightening, and injected a small amount of lubricating oil to prevent corrosion by rust. If the second disassembly, the combination of failure should promptly notify the store or factory to help deal with. To prevent the impact of external or heavy objects, the collision of the whole wardrobe slide and door panels, push and pull the action soft, not violent profits violent impact.

  Third, the maintenance of the closet door, to keep the closet door clean, often clean, the track can not have debris, dust, to prevent heavy objects and sharp hit the track. In the clean when you can use a semi-wet cloth to clean the closet doors and cabinets, avoid using corrosive cleaning agents. The dust of the track can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a small brush, and the metal parts inside the closet, the rod, the metal, the handle, etc. can be wiped with a dry cloth. Ward on the surface of the closet, you can use hair or soft cloth to clear, if the surface stains, you can use sand wax wipe to remove. If the conditional family can regularly use the oil wax on the face of the wardrobe to maintain maintenance, hardware parts using a soft cloth to wipe, do not use corrosive chemical cleaning agent or acidic liquid cleaning, if the surface is difficult to remove the black spots , Can be wiped with less kerosene.

  Fourth, the wardrobe placed in the process of using the closet, pay attention to the balance placed, to avoid placed in high, vibrating, wet or sunshine can be directly to the place. The room is kept ventilated and the whole closet is exposed to corrosive liquids such as alcohol, banana water, gasoline, nail polish, strong acid and alkali.

  Fifth, the wardrobe moisture, wardrobe is the main plate, if you do not pay attention to moisture, the plate by the wet, prone to expansion and deformation of the wardrobe can lead to damage can not be used. So in the spring season of the rainy season, we must keep the room ventilation and ventilation, often wiping the wardrobe with dry touch cloth, you can place some desiccant in the closet, need to be reminded that the use of desiccant is best not to bring other odor, to prevent The smell of the hair is damaged by the clothes inside the closet. Comparison of environmental common can use charcoal, lime these, in the use of the process must be prevented from touching other clothing.

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