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Sofa Clean Method Introduction

- Oct 20, 2017 -

Everyone has a home and every home, there are furniture belonging to this home in order to make furniture lasting bright new we tend to maintain by means of maintenance. Since the reform and opening up people's living standards gradually improve the quality of life requirements are gradually increasing more and more people began to buy all kinds of home accessories Most families have purchased a leather sofa or even tens of thousands of cortex sofa has been everywhere.

But when we are happy to enjoy the sofa to bring us comfort at the same time, we will find a problem: how to do dirty sofa? Then tell you to tell you how to clean the leather sofa.

1, pay attention to the leather sofa clean. In the usual clean-up, it is best to use a cotton cloth after the wet gently wipe, the dust wipe clean, and then clean with the collar with 95% of the water dilution, the soft cloth soaked dry, Light wipe can be.

2, if it is leather, cleaning fluid on the higher requirements, it is best to use a dedicated leather cleaning solution. Apply a 1:10 leather-specific cleaning solution or a 1:20 shampoo solution to gently wipe the stains. Finally wipe with a clean cotton cloth again. Wash the sofa, avoid using alcohol and corrosive chemical solution.

3, hand cream is used to care for the skin of the hand, expired hand cream can also be home for the skin sofa skin care, to moisturize the sofa leather.

In addition, hand cream can also wipe off the surface of the sofa stains. But need to remind you that, with hand cream to clean and maintain the leather sofa before, be sure to first use the rag to remove the sofa surface dust.

4, leather sofa is seriously polluted, not only will lose the original luster, and dirt into the pores of the skin. Before cleaning the previous step, be sure to clean these dirt. At this time, you may need to use a special cleaning machine for cleaning the sofa and a special cleaning agent.

5, if the sofa glued to the gum and the like, the application of leather special coagulant curing, take the fine silk gently wipe away.

6, if the sofa accidentally painted a ballpoint pen or ink traces, can be wiped with a soft rubber. To prevent fading, you can drop a few drops of water in the first place. After cleaning, should be on the sofa layer of protective solution to prevent the dirt once again into the cortex pores caused by secondary pollution. Protective liquid is best used in the hair with a special liquid soft wax, or the cortex will quickly harden aging.

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