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Some Suggestions On Buying Fashion Casual Sofa

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Buy cloth casual fashion sofa need to pay attention to the following:

1, easy to wash and wash. Many of the cloth on the market leisure fashion sofa, style look good, but also easy to remove, but after cleaning to be installed, than the sky is also difficult to know whether it is easy to wash and wash, we must first know how the fabric is made, The Fabric leisure fashion sofa seat, back sleeve should be a set of structure, high-grade fabric sofa generally cotton lining, other parts of the dirt should be able to change.

2, do not choose white. White easy to dirty, although the removable wash, but wash more, cloth sets useless! (Recommended dry cleaning)

3, sponge to be harder. Casual fashion sofa to buy back with a period of time, the sponge will be more expensive than the original buy, when the hardness is the real sponge density. High-grade sofa cushion should be used in the density of 40 kg / cubic meter or more high-foam foam sponge, back pad should use the density of 25 kg / cubic meters of high-elastic foam sponge, in order to improve comfort, some bubbles still ensure that Reduce the density under the premise of doing a soft treatment. Under normal circumstances, the body to sit down after the sofa cushion to depression about 10 cm for the best.

4, the fabric is not necessarily thick, it is important that the cloth should be dense enough. High density of cloth was wear-resistant, and after washing is not easy to deformation. Fabric casual fashion sofa fabric should be relatively thick, its weight in the 300 grams / square meters above the more durable, and must ensure that more than 12000 times the surface of the ball can not afford the ball. In particular, some high-grade fabric to improve the anti-fouling capacity, the surface has also been a special treatment, with anti-static, flame retardant and other functions. Buy fabric sofa to choose the fabric latitude and longitude fine smooth, no jump wire, no exposed joints, feel a blooming. Sewing depends on whether the pin is straight and straight, both hands to grasp the seams to see whether tight, whether the teeth are rounded full.

5, to buy another sets of cloth, be sure to buy cloth casual fashion sofa when you buy together. After buying casual fashion sofa sets, generally not suitable; if you buy together, manufacturers will try to install cloth sets, found inappropriate can immediately change.

6, casual fashion sofa parts of the size should be ergonomic requirements:

a, single casual sofa seat front width: X 480mm;

b, leisure fashion sofa seat depth: 480 ~ 600mm;

c, fashion sofa seat height: 360mm ~ 440mm between;

d, handrail height: X 250mm;

e, casual fashion sofa sofa back height: 680 ~ 720mm for the best fit;

f, fashion sofa back slope: 92 ~ 98 degrees is better;

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