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Spatial Arrangement Of Furniture

- Mar 24, 2017 -

No room for furniture can be a big hole in space, just arranged furniture, space is nice or not to show, so must not simply look at color and style, whether for furniture to fit the display space and home, it is very important, the right choice of furniture can make a space more perfect.

First of all, mind blank in the purchase of furniture, is in a certain space, furniture to be placed as little as possible, the maximum limit is the size of furniture cannot exceed half of the total volume of space, allow more space for space, far more than stuffed furniture.

Sometimes, home space look very empty or unbalanced, and you have to be good at selecting can divide space furniture, such as a long living room, you can select the appropriate place in the middle of the sofa, behind the sofa with a better shelf, such furniture is bidirectional, also played a role in Division of space.

Warm tips: purchase furniture of size to and by placed space of size phase match, like this space in of played feet line height, frames thickness, layer high height and so on, will effect furniture placed in inside of effect, but furniture Hall General in these size Shang are and home in the actual space not as, in selected furniture of when must to note observation, many people buy furniture, in Hall see with looks, put home is special awkward is because no note space size of different.

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