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Teach You To Buy Healthy Bedroom Furniture Four Principles

- Jun 30, 2017 -

  Teach you to buy healthy bedroom furniture four principles

  Furniture market is now a lot of tricky, for consumers there are many traps, then the face of such a chaotic market, how do we buy healthy and practical bedroom furniture?

  Wooden furniture is very delicate, usually also as much as possible to protect, light and light, especially when cleaning should avoid cleaning tools to touch the furniture, do not let the hard metal products or other tools to crash the furniture to protect its surface Do not appear traces of trauma and hanging wire and so on.

  Teach you four principles to buy healthy bedroom furniture

  First, the furniture used in the natural materials, do not produce harmful substances on the human body

  The choice of materials is to determine the health of the furniture is the biggest factor, healthy products are required to use environmentally friendly wood, formaldehyde content of products strictly controlled under the national testing standards, does not produce irritating odor. Paint should be selected lead-free non-toxic non-stimulating paint, in line with international green standards.

  Second, the furniture design in line with ergonomic design

  A set of truly healthy furniture should be as intimate and comprehensive as the servant, which requires not only the height of the furniture tables and chairs and the size of the sofa to be in line with the human body, but also the details of the functional requirements. Will be from all aspects of the maximum protection of the health of consumers.

  Third, the furniture should be the overall style, the use of color does not hurt vision

  The style of home can be unified on the mood of the residents have a great impact on the overall style of unity can make people who feel like a spring breeze, feel comfortable, on the contrary, the chaotic home style no matter how high-end products can not bring people Pleasant mood.

  Fourth, the furniture must have a high security to protect the health of their families

  Children with children usually pay more attention to the safety of furniture, such as furniture, leaving a sharp sharp corners, the socket and other electrical devices hidden and so on.

  Autumn and winter weather is dry, people's skin becomes tight and water, a lot of beauty will put skin care on their own primary schedule, but in fact, the home of wood furniture is not much better than we, they also Afraid of dry, but also afraid of "lit": the desktop lost the luster, the door appeared cracks ... ... This is the autumn weather caused by changes. Therefore, the furniture to the autumn and winter season is also the need for "skin care maintenance".

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